Monday, 13 September 2010

Here goes...

My very first post on this blog. This is not my first blog but I believe this blog will be very special. That little space on the Internet that I can call my own. My name is my love, to live and to learn. Not very original but I got it from a friend and it just stuck. Everyday I want to love, to live and to learn. Against all odds is a love story about 2 people..I and my darling SO..its about our story to be together and stay together against and despite all odds. Its about how I love him, how he loves me and the struggles in between. Its about being honest with my feelings. I keep a lot to myself and I find it therapeutic to write so here goes. SO says I should write a book...maybe someday I will. All I can say is that I love him very much...the intensity scares me sometimes but well I need to go from the beginning to where we are now. I'm looking forward to it.

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