Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Its been a long while. I can't really say that I've been that busy but well I'm back here and that's all that matters. Its been an interesting month. What I'm learning is how not to live my life on such an emotional rollercoaster. There are so many things in life that I have absolutely no control over, however I am just realising how much of 'me' that I do have control over. It reminds me of what I read in one of my favourite books 'The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People' by Stephen Covey. I have the ability to choose my response to whatever happens to me.

Does that mean I won't cry or get angry or feel down when things happen? No. However, I want to learn to maintain a winning attitude. Yes, things aren't exactly how I want, hope or desire that they should be but I can smile in the rain, it may be snowing outside but there can be sunshine in my heart.

I am learning to pray more, hope more and expect more. I want to love, live and learn all the way.

On the health side, I must be honest that I haven't been working out with the same intensity I had in the beginning. I guess I was a bit disappointed when the scales weren't going in the right direction. However, a healthy lifestyle must be holistic. It is just as important what I put into my body as it is working out. I'm no longer using the scales as my sole indicator but how my clothes fit and my energy levels.

Looking forward to the holidays. Time to unwind, spend time with people I love and just enjoy the spirit of the season.


Thursday, 3 November 2011

#Sharing: The way marriage should be..

'The way marriage should be; the security of knowing you have someone to love, to trust, to encourage, to laugh with, grow with and enjoy life with and that he or she is yours and yours alone makes marriage so incredible! Marriage is not designed to place restrictions on you; marriage is for the purpose of completing you, thus enabling each member of the team to be more than you could be as individuals. Marriage is designed to enable you grow to your maximum because of ther support, love and encouragement of your mate.' 

Zig Ziglar

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

#GirlTalk: Work out

Inspired by various bloggers and friends, I have embarked on a new challenge in my weight loss journey. I've decided not to go on a diet though I will write about 2 very popular diets in later posts. I have nothing against diets just that I can't do them....lol! So it's old school all the way but not eating less but eating better. I want to learn to eat what my body needs and not what my tastebuds want all the time.

The biggest and most difficult change for me however is burning the calories. I've done the 'buy a gym membership, attend 3 times and never return' routine a number of times so this time I'm working out at home. I'll see how it works out the first few weeks. My exercise regimen is mainly cardiovascular with some strength training and abs work. I hope to lose a few kilos but I want to strengthen and shape my body. Not look like a bodybuilder but tone up.

I get bored easily so I've pretty much stacked up on some work out DVDs. My staple is Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred although so far I've only been able to complete Level 1...lol! However I realise that the more I change up my workout the more effective it seems to be. So, no big expectations and no big plans but just to workout on the days I set to work out. 

I pray that I can stay on my journey and I will share how it is going here honestly. I don't expect it to be easy but I am determined by the grace of God to stay on it. I will be measuring my progress on the scales and with a tape measure. I need to get someone to measure me but today I weigh 80 kg putting my BMI at 27.5 and me in the overweight category! To get into the normal weight I need to lose at least 8 kg. Its a lot but I refuse to be discouraged.

I'll share my workout regimen in forthcoming posts. Also what I'm eating now. But I'm excited about this new journey. A great way to start the month.

Live. Learn