Thursday, 3 November 2011

#Sharing: The way marriage should be..

'The way marriage should be; the security of knowing you have someone to love, to trust, to encourage, to laugh with, grow with and enjoy life with and that he or she is yours and yours alone makes marriage so incredible! Marriage is not designed to place restrictions on you; marriage is for the purpose of completing you, thus enabling each member of the team to be more than you could be as individuals. Marriage is designed to enable you grow to your maximum because of ther support, love and encouragement of your mate.' 

Zig Ziglar


  1. Well said... very nice and very true.

  2. Zig Ziglar is a wise man...thanks for sharing!

  3. Wonderful description of how marriage should be. I am not married yet, but to me marriage should include the sort of love expressed in Corinthians in the Bible... also, for partners to be supportive of each other especially in the spot light, and to be forgiving and a fighter for the relationship and love.

  4. @ Mrs Pancakes: Thanks for your comment. He is indeed.

    @Ashley: You captured it perfectly.

  5. Lovely way to describe marriage in a few words! Having been married for a few years, I totally agree with you. I am definitely “complete” now with my husband.
    @Ashley Yes, so true! Corinthians 13 should be our standard when we “love” our spouses. Very difficult, but definitely not impossible with Christ in our marriage :) Relationship Advice For Men