Saturday, 16 July 2011

The Journey...

So today was an email. I think its easy to do things when you get some appreciation and positive feedback but I hope I can continue to do this even without it. I wrote this for SO but I guess it is applicable to most romantic relationships. As always there's some private jokes so if there's something that sounds odd just allow.


A journey of 'us' begins at a point (for all journeys start somewhere) where neither 'you' nor 'I' is aware of. When does my journey become our journey? But that is not of great importance because a journey and its destination are always of much greater importance than the origin. A commoner can become royalty, rags to riches...etc. So there's 'us' and the excitement that having someone share your journey brings. The world looks different.... for the most part brighter and happier because I see through the eyes of you and vice versa. However two people on one journey while definitely always interesting has an inherent complexity. Genetic, emotional, social and other differences...also the fact that the travelers are not perfect adds a little bit to that. Because so many times we focus on where we need to go much more than the journey itself. 

Most journeys begin with a race, a flurry of activities. Dates, even more dates, mini-dissertations via! This is important as 2 'strangers' have to begin a process to build connections to each other. Every word is important, we learn about likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses. We need this information if the journey is to be a success. Building momentum quickly can actually be an advantage but marathons were not designed to be run like 100m dashes and eventually 'us' begins to slow down to a steady rhythm. The inherent complexity of the journey begins to manifest itself, imperfections and expectations take their toll. Sometimes 'I' want to sit down and 'you' want to walk. Sometimes 'I' think left is best and 'you' think right. Two people on one journey will definitely at certain times want different things. Adding even more complexity is that the terrain and climate of the journey is never a permanent given. Our world is a recurring cycle of winter, spring, summer and autumn and it is inevitable that our journey will experience the reality of travelling in different seasons.

Then the decision comes in..'deeply, unconditionally, forever and beyond'...its an easy decision to make but such a difficult one to live by. In essence 'us' reigns supreme over 'I' or 'you'. Its a promise that no matter how 'I' feel or what 'you' want, 'us' will always be the most important thing and the journey will never end until one of us is no longer here. It doesn't matter if we walk, some days we may crawl but we commit to the journey. We may hold hands and talk animatedly, we may drift into the world of 'you' and 'me' in certain seasons but we will always be on this journey. 'I' will give you the support 'you' need and vice versa. I will trust you but most importantly I will love you. A promise to forgive hurts that inadvertently will occur on this journey and tell you, 'You can always count on me.' That when life throws its certain uncertainties 'I will be here'...its a team effort all the way. Looking at all this, its a wonder why anyone would want to do thinks it may be better to just have as many 100m dashes as one can with as many people as one can. But it is definitely so worth it. 

I know because my journey with you has 'changed everything.' In different ways. Love calls us to a higher level of living because that's what being an 'us' is. I want to be stronger, better, kinder, more supportive person because it makes 'us' stronger, better, kinder, more supportive. I have an easier time of it because the love you have for me keeps me moving forward. We do and will continue to have our differences from time to time but I'm committed to taking this journey with you (yes dear, even to because it is now inconceivable that I should walk alone. I would rather have my 'brother' by my side. So dear, this is another way (hope not too long winded and complicated) of saying I love you and I am committed to 'us' and I can't wait to be Mrs O in every sense of the word.

Love you now and always


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