Friday, 22 July 2011

Men and Women

I read an article entitled '7 Things Your Husband Wants to Tell You' on Yahoo Shine! I just wanted somewhere to bookmark it. Men and women have so much to learn from each other and I've always subscribed to learning more about men from men and not women. I thought there were really interesting points.

1. A small 'thank-you' makes a huge difference. 

I'm trying to form a habit of appreciating SO for specific things. Not just 'thank you for all you do' or 'thank you for being you' but 'thank you for choosing chocolate cake instead of apple pie because that's my favourite desert'  or for doing the dishes or for listening. It's not easy though, good habits are hard to learn.

2. I'm more likely to offer you concrete advice than a shoulder to cry on.

True about most men. True about SO. Men are fixers and solvers by nature...they're not too good at this emphatic listening thing. Either I roll my eyes when he goes into 'The Fixer' mode or I just tell him upfront that I just need to be held or vent and please no comments afterwards.

3. Give the chores deadlines

I think the main thing with men is about being specific about what you want. He can't read my mind...actually its strange that even though I know I actually act as if he can read my mind and get upset when he doesn't.

4. Tell me directly what's bothering you

Links to Number 3.

5. Please don't ask me how you look in that dress

Lol! I and SO have what we call 'lose-lose' situations and this has to be top of the charts! Men can never win this one.

6. I don't feel like talking all the time, it doesn't mean I don't want to be close

I am also learning not to take SO's need for space personally. I think its good that he does some things without me and vice versa. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Love is all about maturity, its also about seasons.

7. I wish you wanted sex more

I don't think I've read anything where this didn't come up in one form or the other. Well all I can say for now is Noted.

So there it is...hopefully I can remember all these guidelines.



  1. Interesting points!
    Im not married but i believe everyone must know these points and make amends where they fall short.

    I do believe women are guilty of No 4, always hoping the men in our lives can tell what we're feeling by looking in our eyes.

  2. nice one Mrs.....
    thanks for sharing.....
    my hubby of 3 years+ is so pleasant that he never forgets to say "thank you" even when i know its my duty to prepare and serve his also learning how to say "thank you" more often.

    yes o, give them deadlines on household chores o...we women must learn how to request for assistant in the home and not just nag about having an unhelping learning this pretty hubby would rather sit and enjoy a football match on TV while you sweat his dinner out in the kitchen......

    its all about love and understanding!!!

    its my first time here, i love it and i have to come back to do a "catch up" on all i have missed thus far...

    thumbs dear, wishing you an eternal conjugal bliss.

  3. @P.E.T Projects...Thanks for your comment on my blog. Its the very first and I'm very grateful. Yes I'm very guilty of that. I always want him to 'telepathically' know what I'm!

    @Omoba: Thanks for your wonderful comment. Sometimes I want to be Superwoman but I'm learning to say Yes and thank you where assistance is offered. What a lovely hubby you have. Its not really common! Please do come by again, I'm always interested in what others think about what I write.