Monday, 14 February 2011

The Journey

Love like life is a journey. Somehow you don't realise where and when you started but you just commit to taking it to its final destination. Today is Valentine's Day (groan)! I'm not a Valentine's day fan. Never was and I doubt if I ever will be. A big difference between I and SO is what I call the 'mushiness' factor. SO is incredibly romantic and thoughtful. Unexpected gifts and surprises...which reminds me I must do a love languages post soon. I loved that book! I opened my door on Saturday to see a dozen red roses. I actually used to hate flowers. I mean from when you receive them, they're dying and I couldn't be bothered to put them in a vase and get rid of them a few days later. But I'm appreciating the 'I love you' behind it.

When it comes to Valentine's day I think it's an everyday thing. Maybe some couples need to take that day out to celebrate their love for each other but I find the commercial stuff behind it nauseating sometimes. Flowers, cards, chocolate, wine...for me my perfect day out is a day in with SO. We're so bad for each other, we can actually spend a whole day indoors with good DVDs, good food and just chat the day away. It may take about 4 hours to watch a 2 hour movie because we keep talking about it, debating and...well! I'm lucky because I always know that he loves me. I don't need a special day to remind me. For me its like how Christmas has become about gifts and turkeys etc. I just think the focus of some of these things have been lost.

My thoughts are so random, I was talking about journeys and now I've jumped into talking about Valentine's day. In a lot of ways I had a rough 2010. So many changes and things to deal with. Apart from my relationship with SO I think I've let myself slide in so many other areas. Physically, mentally, professionally I'm not just where I need to be. If I had to give myself a grade it would be a D+. One of my weaknesses is starting things without completing them. I want to take the different areas of my life one at a time and strategise, make goals and see them come to completion.

I need this year to be my fittest, healthiest year in every area of my life. Life is a journey and I'm raring to go. Live is not just about having breath but its about maximising each day and taking from it the very best that I can take. So the next few posts will be on the journey. I'll break it down into different areas.


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