Saturday, 3 September 2011

Day 18: On Love and other things..

'I don't think there is any substitute for love. Nothing else compares or compensates for it. Being liked is often not enough, love is it. So intangible, often indescribable  yet so uniquely important. Love comes with endurance, the strength that makes you stay in the race even when you're tired and want to give up. It makes you commit to live with a person who isn't perfect and learn to adapt to them bringing both their strengths and weaknesses into your life.  Love is respect, respecting your person and opinions, respecting that you matter. Have I told you lately that I love you? You fill my heart with gladness and take away my sadness. Love you always.'

First, I just want to say thanks to all who commented on my last post. It's encouraging when people leave comments : ) The above is what I call a 'word-collage' from different messages I received from SO in the last few days. Well the last sentence is a line from his favourite song. People ask me if love is the only thing required to keep a relationship strong and last the test of time. I used to say 'Yes' but now I say 'Yes and No'. I think it depends on what we define love as. Romantic love is definitely not enough but love and the other things it comes with should be. Things like respect, endurance, commitment, fidelity, integrity. I still have a very long way to go on this journey but learning from people who have been successful these traits and characteristics seem to be a common thread. Whatever people want to call it whether love or other things the important thing is for me to have it in my life so that I can use it in my relationship. If I don't have integrity, I won't bring integrity into my relationship.

Well its the weekend and I'm having a very quiet one but I just want to say that we should tell someone we love them. It doesn't matter who as long as its genuine. Have a wonderful one.


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  1. Hmm definitely LOVE is the greatest and most excellent way. If we must love then I'd say the love that must be shown when offences,hurts,pain fly up and down is deeper than Romantic love .Yes they things that go with love are very necessary in any relationship. Love mustnt be professed alone but done(Love is certainly a verb :)

    Thanks for sharing