Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Day 20: Friendship

Yesterday I was reminded of the power of friendship. I like to think that I'm a loner that the highest form of living is independence. This is untrue. Interdependence is, where I am independent enough, secure enough to know that acknowledging I need someone else is not a sign of weakness but a sign of strength.

I'm grateful for the love of my friends. For the times we have shared, the good and the bad. Those who have stuck with me through different scenes and seasons. Even in romantic relationships, I think it is the friendship that keeps two people together more than anything else.

As the days go by, I've seen so many examples of how I haven't been a good friend and I really want to try and correct that. We need each other, we were not designed to walk this road of life alone.

Love. Learn.


  1. true my dear, we all need somebody, everybody does. the proof of love is in the little things we do to show it so you can just drop a text, call or visit your friends if you can just so they know you have them in mind. that is what i do and its helping. cheers dear. thnx for dropping by my blog, hope you visit again. cheers

  2. Oh so true. I align with Priscy...I used to boast in my independence cos I wanted to be perceived/seen as someone who is "bold faced" and fearless or can stand alone "b*llsh***ting" everyone(sorry for the use of that word cos that how's I acted). Today and now,I ​​​am realising we are VERY interdependent needing one another. Its no weakness!

  3. @Priscy: Thanks for your comment. I will definitely visit again.

    @enybees-hub: Forgiven for using that word...lol! We really do need each other.