Thursday, 11 August 2011

Day 1: Dreams the journey begins..

I was reflecting/meditating early this morning and the word 'dreams' just came to me. Because I've always tried to maintain some type of 'quiet time' in the morning before setting out I've just realised that what I called a quiet time was actually a noisy time. While my mouth may not be saying words except whispered prayers, my mind was never really still. It was always doing some activity or the other. Today I decided to still my spirit and just listen/muse/meditate.

What are my dreams? If I could take a peek at the future what would I see? I smiled because for so long I have been focused on my present circumstances and I'd forgotten about dreaming of a future better than my present...definitely better than my past. So what are my dreams? When the next 5 years becomes today how do I want it to look like?

I smiled today because I saw myself a stronger woman, fulfilling destiny. I saw myself happily married to SO most likely with a mini 'us'. I see myself in a better role in my profession than I am now. I saw myself making a significant contribution in my family and my community. I know dreaming is only the first step, it takes work to make a dream a reality but I pray that the image of the future that I saw this morning stays with me everyday. I remembered what Paul said in Romans..

'That's why I don't think there's any comparison between the present hard times and the coming good times.'

I pray that I have the discipline and courage to stay on this journey to the end. 

Live. Learn


  1. Enjoy every bit of your wait in God dear

  2. @enybees-hub Thanks so much. Your encouragement is much appreciated