Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Day 16: Communication

I feel good when I know to do good and I do it. When there is a difference between what I feel and what I know to be true and I choose to go against my emotions and stick with the facts. So I give myself a big pat on the back today. I shared a lot of things with SO yesterday..early on in our relationship I knew I would have to work big time on my communication skills because I am a keeper and not a good sharer. When I said what I had to say..I felt so! I think the Bible verse where it says 'and they were naked and not ashamed' wasn't just about the physical. In nakedness, everything is exposed the good, the bad and the ugly but that's the beauty of love isn't it, that someone can see all that and still choose to be with you.

When he turned round and told me 'Thank you so much for sharing that with me. I know that it must have been difficult but I'm really glad you did. Communication is very important and it has to come from both of us, it helps us understand each other.' That made me happy and made me wonder why I usually hold back. I guess I like to look perfect so I'm hesitant to share anything that makes me look! 

I guess 'communication' will be the most used word on this blog because it's one of those foundational things. And if the foundation isn't strong, nothing built on it will stand the test of time. I'm also learning that things I'm learning through my relationship with SO is making my other relationships stronger. I'm learning to communicate better with my friends and strengthening my relationships through taking the step to love my family and friends unconditionally.

You should be able to talk about anything with your partner. Anything and everything...the mundane and the vital. If it can keep me awake at night, I should be able to talk about it. Hmm..



  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog
    I'm loving the positivity round here
    I'll def be back

  2. Everytime I go your blog,I feel like ‎​you know and its as if ‎​you hit the nail into ‎​​me straight on point(‎​you represent ‎​​me a lot in your post) :).
    Thank ‎​you for the daily post,though I don't comment on all but I'm following

  3. @ N.I.L: Did I tell you that I went through your whole blog in one day! Lol! I really enjoyed myself that day and it even inspired a post for my journey. Thanks for your comment.

    @enybees-hub: I'm glad to hear that. Your posts have a similar effect on me too. Your comments have been so encouraging. It doesn't matter whether you comment or not. I feel the love. It is well with you. Present difficulties give way to days of joy. I'm learning to believe that statement.