Saturday, 13 August 2011

Day 2: Building to last

I feel a bit bad that I didn't write yesterday. But like a dear commenter wrote..'Go at God's pace.' So I will with no pressure. Yesterday I was thinking about storms. Right now, I feel like I'm in the middle of the biggest one I have ever faced. Its like a wind has come and is blowing at everything. In a lot of ways I know that I have let the storm on the outside in and that is the reason why I've been on such on an emotional rollercoaster.

While I was thinking about storms I realised that I cannot build while the storm is raging. The storm only shows whether what I've been building before the storm was built to last. And sadly I see that I have to dig deep and deal with some things in my foundation, things I've been glossing over..sometimes something needs to be completely destroyed so you can face that what it needs is to be rebuilt and not given a new coat of paint.

Our 'us' is having a moment. Sometimes I'm not aware how much my own behaviour/disposition affects 'us' but right now I just feel like I need SO to be more understanding. And he isn't saying much. My friend L thinks I'm! I hope so too. But its hard to be quiet and meditate, maybe that's why they are called spiritual disciplines. We have a good foundation and I know we will get through this and any other phase of life that comes. But this week, he feels so far away. Hmm..

We're building something to last. I'm building something to last. I'm not going to fight with the storm anymore. I'm going to look at the areas and see what needs strengthening. I'm going to stop reciting Scripture and actually start living it. Yesterday I let this scripture seep into my soul.

'Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning.'

Love. Learn.


  1. I'm so feeling ‎​you right at REST I say to myself yet my mind is busy scheming for God. However we need to REST and allow our Father sought things out His own way.
    Meanwhile it looks as if one hurdle brings another? But ‎​​We're victorious, after the storm comes peace

  2. By identifying the faulty parts, you are on the first cardinal phase of cure/correction.

    Sometimes you need to slow down and let him be a part of the building and restructuring too. Things will get better if you let God lead the way.
    And remember, after the storm, comes the calm!

  3. @enybees-hub: Yes after the storm comes peace...thank you so much

    @P.E.T Projects: Thanks for your comment