Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Day 11: Thankful

I just realised that for the most part of everything, my life, my relationship, my family things are going well. Yes I have dreams and goals I would like to see come into existence pronto but there is so much working for me at the moment. I am alive and well, my nearest and dearest are as well. In what is a turbulent economy, not only am I eating enough I am now having to say no to food for my health...lol! There is somewhere to sleep at night. Someone who is learning to love me...the whole me, with my weaknesses and faults. There are people who pray for me, who call me, who care about what happens to me.

I don't know why in life one's focus immediately shifts to what one doesn't have which is usually a fragment in comparison to what one does have. I wish I always thought this way but there is a new found joy in my heart..if I could describe it, it would be like a newly germinated plant. I know that there is potential for it to bloom into something great but I'm really grateful for it now. I can smile and mean it. Present days are tough but I'm looking at the future with so much hope. One day at a time...

Live. Love.

N.B Sticking to the plan but modified it a bit for some protein. Its been only a day but I celebrate that day.


  1. Awesome ​​​am grateful Father, ​​​am still following ‎​you dearAwesome ​​​am grateful Father, ​​​am still following ‎​you dear

  2. Hi! I always love reading your comment. Your post inspired this one.