Sunday, 21 August 2011

Day 9: Forgiveness

If I had to be honest and say one of the things I would love to change about myself it's that I am not great when it comes to forgiveness. On the outside I smile and say that things are ok but I nurse my hurt and wrap myself in it as if it were the most beautiful, cashmere sweater. Just writing that makes me realise how silly such thinking silly I have been.

I read an article this week on Forgiveness. The writer calls it 'The Antidote to the poison in your Marriage', you can replace the word marriage with 'Life.' Working from the inside out, learning to let it all go and live my very best life.

A very wise woman once said 'Marriage is about 2 forgivers living together.'

An excerpt from the post.

'It may require getting some help, but clear the air and learn how to forgive and move on. We can lead ourselves through positive actions rather than allowing our fears, frustrations, anger and resentment to lead us. Take a deep breath. Show affection. Forgive. You'll find yourself improving your own health as well as the health of your relationship.'

Please read the rest of the post..

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