Monday, 15 August 2011

Day 3: Shh

'Are you willing to give silence when your spouse needs a little quiet time?'

This was my lesson yesterday. To learn to be quiet, not the mad quiet....not the I'm going to show you! I'm really good at those two. No I mean the 'I know you love me but ever so often you need time to be on your own, you need a little quiet time, so even though I don't understand why, I am willing to give silence.'

Hmm, I am beginning to realise the difference between knowledge and wisdom. My head is full of so much information but it is beginning to seep to my heart where the greatest change needs to occur. I think women don't really understand men's quiet phases because we tend to keep quiet when we are upset. They really are different from us.

So I'm willing to give silence..this is different from a breakdown in communication. Wisdom is having the knowledge and correctly applying it where you need it. I seem to be in a permanent 'hmm' zone these days like seeing things in a totally different light.

Love deeply and genuinely. It may be difficult sometimes but it is indeed a higher calling.

Love. Live. Learn

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