Monday, 1 August 2011

The Power of Love

I love Il Divo. I don't understand half of what they're saying (I always check the translations later) but there's something about their music where I feel that I can put the words in myself and I perfectly understand what they're saying.

How strong is love? The Teacher said that 'many waters cannot quench love'. If we could only allow ourselves to get over ourselves and see it as more than an emotion but something we make a commitment to do everyday maybe we could all do better jobs at it.

Just wanted to share the lyrics of this song...

La Fuerza Mayor ( The Power of Love)

I will protect you from your fears
I am your prince charming
An angel from heaven
There is no more to fear

Today, like yesterday I will always have
Only your love is important
Here I am

The greatest power
is in love
It comes from inside
Our great aim is to share it out
You need to show it
With your heart

I promise I will take care of you
And will live only to love you
When you be sad, there I will be
With this immense love that
I feel for you and you will not cry anymore
You will be the only one

Only your love is the important, give it to me
Here I am


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  1. They sing the song with much emotion. I see why you like them. Lovely lyrics.

    wanted to say thanks for visiting my place. I appreciate your words.